Have a very feathery Christmas!

Hasn’t Christmas crept up on us quickly this year!?

It feels like only yesterday I was sunning myself on the beach (when I say ‘sunning myself’ what I really mean is staring up at cloud – and when I say  ‘beach’ I mean beer garden).

And now it’s that festive time of year again! Time to wrap the presents, decorate the house and drink lots of mulled wine :-)

Obviously, the feather enthusiast in me tries to use feathers in EVERYTHING I do, of course Christmas is no exception.

Here are a few ideas to make your festive season a feathery one!

One of my favorite feathers to use in my Xmas decorations are marabou feathers. So versatile, fluffy and angelic. You can literally add them to anything – table decor, stuff them in stockings, embellish your tree top angel. The possibilities are endless!

Try sticking them on baubles, or IN baubles. You can actually buy clear fillable baubles, open them up and stick a few marabou feathers in, such a nice touch! Why not try it with peacock feathers too!

You know Santa loves a bit of fringe – who doesn’t!? Spruce up your stocking this year with some ostrich fringe. Any kind of fringe would work really, chandelle, goose etc. Have a look at some of our fringes here and use your favorite!


I had to make this picture extra big so you could truly appreciate the beauty! AMAZING!

The natural colours of the peacock feathers make them perfect to use on your tree. It’s such a simple yet effective way to add a stunning twist to your Xmas tree. I will definitely be using this as my inspiration this year!

So get inventive with your decor this year, I know I will!

And please share your feathery ideas, I would love to hear them :-)

Most importantly, Merry Christmas to all! Hohohope you have a fabulous one! (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

FrouFrou <3






  1. Aud Said:

    My favourite is definitley the stocking! Ho ho ho!

  2. Clarissa Ryan Said:

    OMG I absolutely adore the tree!!! All those shades of blue and turquoise – its stunning!


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