Are you a Feather Fan-atic?

Hello Boys and Girls!

OK, so I’m quite aware (and a little self concious) that with my lack of  ‘followers’ I am in fact writing to no-one, how sad!

So in order to boost my blog a little I have decided to do a special burlesque fan give-away!

My love of burlesque has grown and grown ever since I saw my first show in Chicago.  I remember it vividly…  It was the summer of 69… Just joshing!

But seriously now, being in the feather industry I am blessed to be able to meet so many wonderful people and attend such fabulous shows. The way these feather fans are so expertly used never ceases to amaze me! And now I am thrilled to finally be supplying Sally Rand Burlesque fans, my favorite feather fancy if I’m honest ;-)

Fancy a free pair? It’s really rather simple!

Leave a comment with your-

  1. Name
  2. City (must be in the UK or Europe)
  3. Preferred fan colour – Click here and scroll down to see our colour card.

On Christmas Eve I will be randomly picking one lucky person and posting the winner on my blog, so be sure to follow me or join up for the email subscription and keep an eye out. What a great Xmas present that would be right!? :-)

And of course, here is a pic of the lovely fans –

Deluxe Sally Rand Fan- Double Layer


Good Luck to everyone, and don’t forget to tell your friends!

Au Revoir,






  1. i would love pink!!!!

  2. Madaleine Soleil Said:

    Lovely fans babe!

    I’m Madaleine Soleil, Burlesque Diva extrordinare from Portsmouth and I cant decide which colour would be best!!

    White……. no, Red…….no, Black

    Yeah Black!!

    But I could build an outfit/routine round any colour really :) xxx

  3. What a fabulous idea!

    I’m based in Southampton honey,

    oh, and White or Sand for me x

  4. Lizzy whatmough Said:

    When I was little I was scared of feathers.I think the problem was my aunties chickens,she used to breed them and eat them.

    Now I’m all grown up I adore them.

    My favourite colour is turquoise,however any combo of green or blue is good.I bought some peacock feathers from you once and the colours amaze me!! :)

  5. Greetings and salutations!
    Thanks so much for your amazing feathers, you can see all the lovely things they are being made into at my website, I am also a burlesque girl and I have been dying to get a pair of these lovely fans but been short on money so this is my chance, maybe my dream feather fan dance will finally come true!
    Thanks so much.
    Miss Britain Kitten from Kitty Minx Vintage

  6. Candy Pearson Said:

    These feathers are amazing. Myself and my mum have both bought from here and they are top quality. They also make the perfect christmas presents. Merry Christmas! :)

    Candice Pearson
    Wells, Somerset, UK

  7. Hi Jen,
    Fabulous idea for a competition. I’m based in Bracknell in Berkshire and love your feathers, especially the peacock ones.
    If you pick me as the winner, I would adore something in Baby Blue or whatever you have in stock really.
    Happy Christmas to everyone!
    Love Lesley xxx

  8. Bev Aspinall Said:

    Oohh,la la, Dahling!!
    I live in Hoylake.
    Black or Red would be luverley.
    Have a Mistletoe,chocolate,feather and fun filled
    merry cosy Christmas..
    And, a super duper New Year.
    You shake those feathers,now!!

  9. Thanks for all your comments guys! I’m getting excited about the prize-draw! 15 Days to go!! :-)


  10. Lili Marleen Said:

    I´m from Stuttgart, Germany and I would love to perform with your wonderful fans ♥
    My favorite colour would be baby blue.

  11. Kiki Hawaiji Said:

    Oh, spent wayyyy too much time away from work just exploring your site – fabulous! Greetings from the northern tropics
    Kiki Hawaiji
    Turku, Finland
    Ps. Green is my favourite colour!

  12. Steve Hart Said:

    Ooh thank you FrouFrou, I’d cross my tassles if I had them on!

    Steve Hart
    Maidenhead, UK
    White please!


  13. Sarah Bain Said:

    Seasons Greetings!

    A pair of these fabulous fans would be the perfect accompliment to my leather, net and peacock feather tribal fusion bellydance costume I have been making.

    I would be able to showcase them and of course throw in a bit of advertising for your great website shop.

    I’m near Southampton, Hampshire.

    Black would be perfect :-)

    Thank you

  14. Michelle MP Said:

    Lizzie’s comments had me in stitches, sorry I should be more sensitive, but it really tickled me! ‘scuse the pun! I too have had peacock feathers from you which I am also in awe of, and they are extremely good quality! I can just sit and look at them for hours, it’s that Aurora Borealis glint that gets me.

    However, its the feeling of feathers against my skin that I find utter bliss, so the colour really is not as important, although the peach is innocently beautiful. I think my husband would prefer the bright red! I’m in Birmingham, and I’m about to post this onto my social media networks, so look out for some more comments! xxx

  15. paula ha rowley Said:

    i cherish my peacock fan with tender love
    but i would love a pair of these fans to go with my sexy glove

    the fans are sexy extravagant and cutie
    they will look good in the bed room when im shacking my booty

    they will do a good job at hiding my bits
    so my fella wont be able to see my …..??? umm,, hips ??

    i would definitely buy from this seller again
    she is a wonderful person is friendly Jen

    paula rowley
    from nottingham-england
    i would love black,,, xxxxx

    • paula ha rowley Said:

      *shaking lol

  16. Clarissa Ryan Said:

    Ooooohh!! Jen – this is a fabulously generous prize!!! As someone who is entrenched in the alternative scene one of these fans would be amazing for my social life! Ahem and not just in private! I can just see the ensemble that would set this fan off as the piece de resistance…!

    Dreaming of feathers…
    Clarisssa Ryan
    Preferred colour: Black

  17. naomh harbinson Said:

    Naomh, swanage dorset, pink or black
    Love your feathers and love burlesque and will Definatly be following your blog from now on xx

  18. ceirios Said:

    wow these fans would be amazing for a festival or just a burlesque night out in London!
    the colour choice is amazing!
    black or apricot would make me happy!

  19. simone herbert Said:

    great offer !

    Simone Herbert
    Black please !


  20. gingeyginge Said:

    Gingeyginge…Worcester…Black or royal blue although the Irish part of me also likes the emerald green!……Such a FANtastic giveaway!!!

  21. Paula Said:

    SOOOO LOVELY!!! I would LOVE burgundy:) My name is Paula McKay & I live in Cockermouth, Cumbria.

    Happy Christmas to ALL here, x0x

  22. Lisa Wigs Said:

    Hi Jen,

    Well, there are a lot of people who would like to win a fan! I would love to win an apricot fan. I am using your peacock feathers as the table decorations at my wedding next June with apricot coloured rose petals so an apricot fan would be perfect for the top table!

    Lisa x x

  23. Lisa Wigs Said:

    Oops – forgot to say – I am in Rugby, Warwickshire x

  24. Nikki Kent Said:

    Wow what a wonderful prize!

    I would very much like a pair of the baby blue feathers…or black…darn it any colour! They really are very pretty.


  25. Nikki Kent Said:

    Oh!! My name is Nikki Kent and I love in sunny Edinburgh.x

  26. Nikki Kent Said:

    live, LIVE in sunny Edinburgh!



  27. Not so lonely now with all these comments!

    1. Katy Howieson
    2. Sedgfield, Co.Durham
    3. Black or Sand – both beautiful!

    Keep blogging!


  28. Denva Said:

    Turquoise fans would look gogeous in my ‘french boudoir’ in little village of Long Sutton, Lincs!

  29. Lucrece Said:

    Burlesque performer of a whole year and a bit here *grins*. I’ve always fancied trying out some fan based work. Purple would be beautiful. And I’m based in Dundee.

    *fingers crossed*


  30. Vitaliy Said:

    2.Stoke-on-Trent,West Midlands.
    thank you so much for your fabolous feathers
    i would in RED

  31. Laura Said:

    Jen I am a Fan of your beautiful Fans!!

    Beautiful, soft, vibrant – and FUN!!!

    I would love a sand coloured Fan – it would be on proud display in my house – at all times – and of course a fantastic accessory…!


  32. Anna Mu Said:

    Anna Mu
    Burgundy or green please :)

    p.s. best blog ever :P


  33. Evy Maroon Said:

    Merry Christmas!!

    Greetings from Evy Maroon, Stockholm, who would love a burgundy fan!


  34. julie mcgee Said:

    I would adore to dance with baby blue fan-what a Christmas joy it would be!!!I’m in Norwich England-Julie”bigbow”Mcgee

  35. Christine Malone Said:

    I have just finished a 10 week corset making course and a turquoise fan would complement my work totally.
    Love your peacock feathers too.
    Christine from Melksham, Wiltshire

  36. Christine Wright Said:

    Oh they are all so nice :D

    Hmm..white please :)

    Christine W


  37. Alison Said:

    I’m in Kilbirnie in Ayrshire and If I am lucky enough to win… I really love the burganday feathers!

    Alison xx

  38. Wilma Said:

    Hiya, i live in Milton Keynes,Buckinghamshire. I would love to win..with any luck-if i do can i have them in Apricot please! xxx

  39. Laura Dobbie Said:

    From Edinburgh..I love them all but if I had to pick it would be the sand colour :) xxx

  40. Rebecca Cleere Said:

    I’m from Ash Vale in Surrey, and would love the Sand coloured fan!

  41. Loops Said:

    Wow, such a beautiful fan!! Keeping fingers xed I would love the burgundy fan :-)

  42. GeminiAspect Said:

    having bought items from your e-bay store, i know the quality of your stock is superb, i can think of a few burlesque dancers i know who would be proud to own fans from you, i think in white, hopefully its me you choose ;)
    im in edinburgh scotland

  43. Joanna Said:

    These are just gorgeous! I think my favourite would have to be white or sand… just to be different….

    Thanks for this clever little marketing ploy! It’s a great idea!

    x Jo

  44. I just love your feathers i have bought lovely peakcock ones from you before :) and what a great Xmas present!!
    My name is Cris Leadbitter
    Bamburgh -uk
    And my colours would be Baby Blue and Royal Blue would be great!
    I am a Samba dancer and of course i am always needing feathers ;)


  45. kittybeehave Said:

    Hello lovely

    Beautiful fans :)

    Thank you for putting up the opportunity for us to win some beautiful fans! This would give me the opportunity to create a completely new burlesque routine dedicated to these fluffy beauties!

    My preference would be lilac then either baby pink or baby blue for my new wings if I am lucky enough <3

    My name is Kitty Bee and live in Brighton.

    Thank you so much and have a lovely Christmas!

    Kitty x x

  46. dollydivine Said:

    My name is Grace aka Dolly Divine.

    I live in London and I am really craving some black fans!

    Best of luck to everyone who enters!


  47. OOoooooh what a fab give away! I’ll keep my fingers crossed as this would be a fab start to my career relaunch :)

    My name is Amber aka Amber Sweet

    I live in Cardiff and would dearly love some purple fans as the colour is beautiful!


  48. rubyheels Said:

    Ooo great idea hun. I’m a Manchester-based performer and would love a red pair of fans to go with my ruby heels! ;)

    Best of luck everyone!


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